Carlos Manuel Correia Antunes

Biographic and Professional Information



Bobadela - Oliveira do Hospital (Portugal), on April of 1965.

* High School:

Escola Secundária de Oliveira do Hospital, 1984;

AFS Student at Highland High School, Craigmont, Idaho, USA, 1985.

*      Academic qualifications:

Graduation in Geographic Engineering - Faculty of Science of Lisbon University, 1990

PhD in Physical Geodesy (Dr.techn.) - Institute of Navigation and Satellite Geodesy, Technical University Graz, Austria (1999-2004).

*      Professional and Scientific Status:

1990-1992, Math Teacher in Pedro Nunes High School Lisbon.

1990-2009, Member of National Association of Engineers (Ordem dos Engenheiros)

1992-2004, Assistant in the Faculty of Science of University Lisbon.

1993-2004, member of the Research Unit LATTEX.

2000-2002, invited expert auditor of SGS on certification of Quality Management Systems based on ISO 9001.

2004 onwards, Professor Auxiliar in the Faculty of Science of University of Lisbon.

2007 onwards, Researcher at the Instituto Dom Luiz (IDL).

2009 onwards, Senior Member of National Association of Engineers (Ordem dos Engenheiros)

2023 onwards, Member of recognized merit at the Maritime Public Domain Commission, of the National Maritime Authority

*      Research & Academic Expertise:

His background research is focused in the analytical and numerical modeling on Geodesy, Hydrography and physical processes, specifically in geodetic reference systems, GPS applications, gravity field and geoid determination, ocean tides and sea level variation. His main research is now focused on the study of sea level variation, due to global warming and its impacts on coastal areas, in terms of assessing coastal vulnerability and risk. He has also been studying the correlation between economic growth and global warming. He was part of the FCUL research team that monitored the Covid-19 pandemic in Portugal, with contributions on the mathematical modeling of epidemiological indicators, having been co-author of 2 peer-reviewed papers.

In the scope of academic activity, has published 29 peer-reviewed papers (cited 382 times, h-index of 11 in Web of Science; cited 890 times, h-index 17 in Scholar Google), book chapters, monographies, and technical reports; has more than 60 conference abstracts; and has presented more than 60 seminars and seminar keynotes. He he has supervised 12 master thesis and 2 PhD thesis and was part of several juries for master and PhD dissertations. He is a researcher of the Research Group – Earth Surface Processes, at IDL.

He developed research in about 15 national scientific projects and one European, has participated in 9 scientific project contracts for national and regional institutions in the coastal risk assessment, and has been responsible and supervisor of 8 scientific project contracts of coastal risk and vulnerability assessment for Municipalities and Private Enterprises. He has participated, as a member of the scientific committee and / or organizer, in several scientific events.

He is an external author of opinion articles in the section AZUL - Climate Crises, Environment and Sustainability, of the Portuguese newspaper PÚBLICO and regularly collaborates with the national meadia about sea level rise and coastal risk.


*      Lectures at FCUL:

Geodetic Astronomy (1992-98), (1994-97, 2000-02, 2004-2006),

Hydrography (1997-99, 2004- ), Introduction to Geodesy (2006-2016), Geodesy I (2005- 2020)

Physical Geodesy (2005-2006; 2019- ) and Geodesy and Applications (2021- )

*      Professional Address:

Rua Ernesto Vasconcelos, Bloco C8 - Piso 2, 1794 - 016 Lisboa Codex - PORTUGAL