Carlos Manuel Correia Antunes

Biographic and Professional Information



Bobadela - Oliveira do Hospital (Portugal), on April of 1965.

*High School:

Escola Secundária de Oliveira do Hospital, 1984;

AFS Student at Highland High School , Craigmont , Idaho - USA , 1985.

*      Sports & Activities:

Football - player at F.C. Oliveira do Hospital (1980-84); goalkeeper coach at G.S. Carcavelos (2004 - 2008);

Boy Scoot - Group Nº. 657 of CNE, at Bobadela (1978-1984)

American football - Highland High School in 1985, great experience;

Tennis - play with friends just for fun;

Swimming - for my health;

Hill Biking (BTT) - great fun;

Parachuting - great excitement (course at Tancos, 2002).

*      Academic qualifications:

Graduation in Geographic Engineering - Faculty of Science of Lisbon University, 1990

MSc in Geodesy - Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon University, 1997

PhD in Physical Geodesy (Dr.techn.) - Institute of Navigation and Satellite Geodesy, Technical University Graz, Austria (1999-2004).

*      Professional Status:

1990-1992, Math Teacher in Pedro Nunes High School Lisbon.

1990-2009, Member of  National Association of Engineers (Ordem dos Engenheiros)

1992-2004, Assistant in the Faculty of Science of University of Lisbon.

1993 onwards, member of the Research Unit LATTEX.

2000-2002, invited expert auditor of SGS on certification of Quality Management Systems based on ISO 9001.

2004 onwards, Professor Auxiliar in the Faculty of Science of University of Lisbon.

2007 onwards, Researcher at the Instituto Dom Luiz ( Laboratório Associado).

2009 onwards, Senior Member of National Association of Engineers (Ordem dos Engenheiros)

*      Research & Expertise:

Physical Geodesy / Surveying / Geodetic Astronomy / Cartography / Hydrography

Ocean Tides prediction and sea level monitoring at Portuguese tide gauges.

Study and application of the Gravity Space Approach to Geoid determination.

Studies on geodetic coordinate system transformations between Portuguese Data (Datum Lisboa & Datum 73).

Participation in different projects in Portugal using GPS.

Software designed: Survey calculation and adjustment; GPS phase data processing on short bases; Astro-Geodetic calculation and adjustment including a annual calendar determination; Least Squares Collocation; FFT and point mass methods on geoid determination; Tide Model computation; Application of Sequential Least Squares on the GPS phase observations.

Design and supervision on a GIS research project of an Integrated System for Management of Detecting and Fighting Forest Fires.

Design of an Occupation Health and Safety Management System in the FCUL based on OHSAS 18001.

Precise GPS levelling.

GPS real time kinematics (RTK) on the study of dynamics sedimentary at beaches of Carcavelos, São Pedro, Estoril and Costa da Caparica.

Participation on the projects: 

-         GEOBASE, financed by CERN;

-         GEODESIS project - Geodetic Methods for the Study of the Sismotectonics of Southern Portugal mainland and Azores-Gibraltar region;

-         Piezometric Surface Determination using GPS levelling for INAG;

-         Monitoring System for Public City Transports using GPS;

-         SHELT - Seismic Hazard Evaluation of Lower Tagus Valley;

-         Implementation of an Occupation Health and Safety Management System in the FCUL based on OHSAS 18001;

-         MicroDyn - Microecology and Littoral Dynamics: definition of multi-proxies applicable to Quaternary paleogeographical and paleoclimatic reconstruction, from Centro   de Geologia of FCUL, ref.: POCTI/CTA/45185/2002;

-         KARMA - Integration of Geodetic and Geophysical Data (GPS+INSAR), from LATTEX;

-         Protocol CMC/FCUL - Characterization of the Sedimentary Content and the Morphological Variability of the Costa do Sol Beaches.

-         CV-PLUMA - An investigation on the geometry and deep signature of Cape Verde mantle plume, from IDL, ref.: PTDC/CTE-GIN/64330/2006.

-         MADyCOS - Multidisciplinary integrayed analysis of the sediment dynamics and fecal contamination in intermittent, from LNEC, ref.: PTDC/ECM/66484/2006.

-         Projecto/Cotrato FFCUL/ CeGUL/IDL - C.M. Sintra. Impacte das Alterações Climáticas no Conselho de Sintra  - promovido pela Câmara Municipal de Sintra.

-    DETI - Dynamics of ephemeral tidal inlets (Ref: PTDC/MAR/65585/2006)

 GETS – Geological Signature of Tsunami Deposits on the Portuguese Coast (Ref. PTDC/CTE-GEX/65948/2006)

 Projecto/Contrato HIDROPROJECTO/FFCUL/CeGUL/IDL – ARH do Tejo I.P.. Consultadoria para a Criação e Implementação de um Sistema de Monitorização no Litoral Abrangido pela Área de Jurisdição da Administração da Região Hidrográfica do Tejo, I.P.

-   Projecto/Cotrato FFCUL/ CeGUL/IDL - C.M.Almada. Impacte das Alterações Climáticas na Faixa Costeira e Atlântica do Conselho de Almada  - promovido pela Câmara Municipal de Almada.

-   WesTLog - Evolução recente dos estuários da costa oeste portuguesa: estudo do registo geológico dos sapais em alta resolução (Ref.: PTDC/CTE-GIX/105370/2008).

-    NEFITAG - Movimento sísmicos intensos e efeitos locais na Região do Vale Inferior do Tejo (Ref.: PTDC/CTE-GIX/102245/2008)


*      Lectures at FCUL:

Geodetic Astronomy (1992-98), Land Survey (1994-97, 2000-02, 2004-2006),

Photogrametry (1993-94), Hydrography (1997-99, 2004- ), Physical Geodesy (2005-2006),

Geodesy I (2005- ) and Introduction to Geodesy (2006- )

*      Scientific and Professional Membership:

Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa (since 1992);

Senior Member of the Ordem dos Engenheiros;

R&D unit of LATTEX (1994-2007);

Laboratório Associado Instituto Dom Luiz (since 2007);

Instituto de Ciências da Terra e do Espaço, ICTE (since 1994);

Conselho Regional da Região Sul do Colégio de Engenharia Geográfica (1998 - 2000, 2006 - 2013).

Organisation Council of I, II, VI and VII National Conference of Cartography and Geodesy (1996, 1999, 2009 and 2011).

FIG Portuguese Commission, responsible for the Commission 2 - Professional Education (2001 - 2004) .

Safety Commission of FCUL (2002 onwards).  

Scientific Council of VI and VI National Conference of Cartography and Geodesy (2009 nad 2011)

Conselho Nacional do Colégio de Engenharia Geográfica (2013 - onwards).

*      Professional Address:

Rua Ernesto Vasconcelos, Bloco C8 - Piso 2, 1794 - 016 Lisboa Codex - PORTUGAL