Category Theory Based Identification of Reusable Components through Formal Specifications

Abstract: Software reuse can only be implemented in an efficient way if it is practised systematically. This work presents a system that automates the process of software reuse through formal specifications. We use single-sort algebraic specifications to describe the behaviour of software components, and then we apply the mathematical framework of category theory to develop matching mechanisms that locate reusable components. The system translates the algebraic specification introduced by the user into a categorical representation, and tries to identify an isomorphic or a compositional matching between the user categorical specification and the ones that are in the library. The system is also part of a complexity analysis that makes possible the demonstration of its viability when applied to great amounts of information.


Computer Application:
    SRTFS.tgz : Source code of the application developed.
    SRTFS.x86-linux.tgz : Binary files for PC running Linux. : Binary files for PC running Windows.
    SRTFS.sparc-unix.tgz : Binary files for SPARC processors. : Compiler used.
People Involved: