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Gisela Dionísio
Academic qualifications
2008. M.Sc. in Marine Biology, University of Algarve (Portugal)
2007. "Licenciatura" in Marine Biology, University of Algarve (Portugal)

Dionisio, G. 2008. Feeding behavior and starvation resistance of ornamental shrimp larvae of the genus Lysmata under experimental conditions. Master thesis. Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa, Lisboa,84 pp

Papers in international peer reviewed journals

Calado R., Pimentel T., Cleary D.F.R., Dionísio G., Nunes C., Lopes da Silva T., Dinis, M.T., Reis A. in press. Providing a common diet to different marine decapods does not standardize the fatty acid profiles of their larvae a warning sign for experimentation using invertebrate larvae produced in captivity. Marine Biology.

Calado R., Pimentel T., Vitorino A., Dionísio G., Dinis M.T. 2008. Technical improvements of a rearing system for the culture of decapod crustacean larvae, with emphasis on marine ornamental species. Aquaculture 285 (1-4): 226-233.

Calado, R.J., Dionísio, G., Dinis, M. T. 2007. Starvation resistance of early zoeal stages of marine ornamental shrimps from different habitats of the genus Lysmata
(Decapoda: Hippolytidae). Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 351: 226- 233.

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Calado, R.J., Dionísio, G., Nunes, C., Dinis, M. T. 2007. Facultative secondary lecithotrophy in the megalopa of the shrimp Lysmata seticaudata (Risso, 1816) (Decapoda: Hippolytidae), under laboratorial conditions. Journal of Plankton Research 29: 559-603.
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