S-timator: dynamical systems modelling in python

S-timator is a Python library to analyse ODE-based models (also known as dynamic or kinetic models). These models are often found in many scientific fields, particularly in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Engineering.

Some of the features that S-timator offers are

  • A mini language used to describe models: models can be input as plain text following a very simple and human-readable language.
  • Basic analysis: numerical solution of ODE’s, parameter scanning.
  • Parameter estimation and model selection: given experimental data in the form of time series and constrains on model operating ranges, built-in numerical optimizers can find parameter values and assist you in the experimental design for model selection.

S-timator is in an alpha stage: many new features will be available soon.

For a brief introduction to the package, you can read the Basic use.

Much more detail can be found in the tutorial.

You can also browse the API reference to see the kind of tools that are available.

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