Building Energy Analysis Group

Faculty of Sciences

M Oliveira Panão, MSc (IST), PhD (IST) is an Assistant Professor in Buildings Heat Transfer (DEGGE/FCUL). She published papers in 10 international peer review journals with citations: 69 from Scopus (h-index of 5) and 26 from Web of Science (h-index of 4). Since 2014, she is an assistant professor and chair of Buildings Heat Transfer at the Faculty of Sciences of University of Lisbon. She had participated in the following research projects: Passive Solar Buildings in Portugal (1996/1997); Climate Change in Portugal Scenarios, Impacts and Adaptation Measures, SIAM (2002, 2004); Built Environment, Urban Climate and Rational Use of Energy, ACLURE (2002/2003).

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She coordinated, as deputy, the project BUILD-UP SKILLS PORTUGAL, Training For Renewables and Energy Efficiency in Building Sector (2011/2013), an IEE Europe Initiative. M Oliveira Panão was also the deputy coordinator at LNEG for the Joint Programme for Smart Cities (2012/2015) of European Energy Research Alliance (EERA). From 2010 to 2013, she participated as LNEG representative in the executive commission for the building codes revision (residential and services buildings). From 2009-2013, M Oliveira Panão had a postdoctoral fellowship at the National Laboratory for Energy and Geology (LNEG) developing research activities in the framework of methodologies for energy calculations in buildings, specifically for thermal building codes, cost-optimal studies, buildings integration at urban scale, solar passive and passive cooling strategies as well as Zero Energy Buildings. Email contact: Aditional info: Google Scholar

Guilherme Carrilho da Graça, Eng. Physics (IST), MSc (MIT), PhD (University of California in San Diego, UCSD), is an Assistant Professor in Building Energy Systems (DEGGE, since 2010), a Research Scholar at UCSD, Faculty of the MIT Portugal Program, member of the IDL research laboratory and owner of the consultancy and design firm NaturalWorks. He has over twenty publications in building energy analysis, natural ventilation design and thermal simulation. His main area of expertise is building energy simulation and natural ventilation design.

Since 2002 he as worked in high performance building designs in the US (San Francisco Federal Building, New York Times Building), Brasil, Mozambique, Italy, France and Portugal. At FCUL he is currently advising five PhD students (including three students in the MIT Portugal Program). At NaturalWorks he leads a team of eight engineers working in HVAC and building integrated renewable energy systems design. He is an expert in HVAC (Portuguese Engineers Association) and a BREEAM International Qualified Accessor. Teaching at FCUL: Heat and Mass Transfer, Building Energy Systems, Geothermal Energy. Email contact: Aditional info: Google Scholar  LinkedIn