Building Energy Analysis Group

Faculty of Sciences

The EU FP7 project  Pathways is a unique project that explores the possibilities for transitions to a low-carbon, sustainable Europe. The essence of PATHWAYS is that it combines the analysis of different scientific approaches: integrated assessment modelling, transition science research, and participative action research. By combining and coordinating information from these different approaches for selected cases, PATHWAYS aims at providing better policy advice for European, Member State and local policy‐maker.

SusCity: Urban data driven models for creative and resourceful urban transitions. This MIT Portugal project is intended to advance the understanding of urban systems while promoting actionable and scalable urban

services and interventions, aimed at developing, demonstrating and exploring in Lisbon different facets. BEAR is providing thermal simulations to asses diferent low energy cooling options.

ISCTE campus energy analysis project is funded by the ECO.AP (FEE) initiative. BEAG is analysing the campus energy demand profile with the goal of identifying viable energy efficient retrofitting opportunities.

ALVI (virtual student). BEAG is developing an Arduino based low cost energy audit system. The system includes multi-phase power clamps and virtual occupant that can upload data to the cloud.

Cloud based model predictive control (MPC) systems for natural ventilation. BEAG is developing and testing in a FCUl classroom a cloud based MPC system for natural ventilation.